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Authors of RSL textbooks meet teachers online

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Authors of RSL textbooks meet teachers online


Today's realities pose serious questions: do we need foreign language textbooks today? And if need them what should they be like? 

Obviously, the dialogue between the authors of the textbooks and the teachers working on these textbooks is very important. Authors need teachers' feedback. In turn,  teachers are interested in knowing how to use the training material to its best. In addition, the discussion between the authors is also valuable.

The Russian Center of the University of Milan invites authors of recently published textbooks on RSL and teachers who use these textbooks in their work to a series of meetings. 

The meetings will be held on Zoom. One needs to write to the email address of the Russian Center to receive an invitation. 

Meeting Schedule:

06.06 18.00 (Italy) Natalya Nikitina, Elena Freda Piredda
Grammatica d’uso della lingua russa (Hoepli);

02.07 18.00 Anna Shibarova, Elena Freda Piredda, Anna Krasnikova
One Two Three! Russian language course (Hoepli);

07.07 18.00 Oksana Bejenari, Francesca Legittimo, Dario Magnati
Let's get 3! Comunicare in russo (Hoepli);

07.09 18.00 Martha Vanin, Bruno Zanivan
Yes! (Zanichelli);

07.13 18.00 Maria Chiara Ferro, Natalia Guseva
Agreed! Affare fatto! (Hoepli);

07.16 18.00 Daniela Bonchiani, Raffaella Romagnoli
It's like that! Grammar and vocabulary of the Russian language. levels A1-A2 (Hoepli).


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