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Greece will widely celebrate the Victory Day

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Greece will widely celebrate the Victory Day


Greece is preparing for the Victory Day celebrations, RIA Novosti informs. Citizens of eight Greek cities will participate in the Immortal Regiment movement; they will lay flowers to the graves and monuments of perished Soviet soldiers. Festival concerts are planned in Athens and Corinth. Russian compatriots and natives of other Soviet republics will take part in city festivals. Local population will join the Victory Day celebrations too.

The Greek capital will start celebrations with a commemorative ceremony by the grave of Soviet soldier Nikolay Shevelev. He died in 1944, having escaped from the Fascist slavery and fighting in the guerilla forces. His grave is situated at the military allied cemetery.

Russian diplomats are organizing a reception for war veterans and survivors of the siege of Leningrad by Nazis during World War II. Athens currier paper will issue a special edition dedicated to the Great Victory anniversary. The Songs of the Great Victory record will be presented to the audience.

People in Saloniki will lay wreathes at the allied cemetery on May 9. Besides, Macedonia will lay flowers to monuments at the burial place of three Soviet soldiers – participants of the Greek Opposition.

Chania city on the Island of Crete will bring wreathes to monument of the unknown sailor and to other monuments in honor of Russian soldiers and sailors.

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