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Russia presents new films at Cannes film market

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Russia presents new films at Cannes film market


Photo credit: festival organizing committee

The Russian pavilion has finished its work within the film market of the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, which was held from June 22 to 26, the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper reports.

Russian studios presented their animation projects to foreign partners. In addition, 19 films were screened in the online cinema house. 

As a result, Invasion by Bondarchuk will be shown to viewers in Vietnam and Thailand. All in all, the film has already been sold to hundreds of countries in the world. The historical drama Red Ghost has interested distributors in Spain, China, New Zealand and Australia. The Spaniards also acquired the rights to Spiral and Friday. A few more films will be shown in North and Latin America.

On July 31, T-34 by Alexei Sidorov will be released in Japan. Earlier in five months, over 65,000 Japanese viewers watched the movie version of the film. The box office approached $900,000,  making the story of Soviet tankers the highest grossing Russian film in the last two decades in Japan.

Roskino company is considering opening an online platform that will provide foreign partners with information about the Russian film market and proposals for joint projects. According to the head of Roskino, Evgenia Markova, there are no such projects in the world. She is convinced that the platform will create a new type of cooperation with leading global partners and provide great opportunities for Russian film companies.

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