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Russians vote on constitutional amendments

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Russians vote on constitutional amendments


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The main and final day of voting on amendments to the Russian Constitution has started, RIA Novosti reports.

The vote began on June 25. The official day is scheduled for July 1, but the Russians had the opportunity to cast their vote for a week before that date. Voting also takes place in 144 countries at 254 ballot stations. Six sites at once were opened in Armenia, Belarus, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), during five days of voting, almost 50 million people expressed their will, turnout is 45.7%. 

Any citizen of Russia who did not vote in the previous days in person or electronically can come to the polling station personally on July 1 and express their will.

Russians can vote not only at the place of registration, but also at the place of residence using the Mobile Voter mechanism. For this, it was required to select a polling station by June 21 through the State Service portal or personally contact the local election commission.

About 512,000 public observers and about 50 international experts follow the voting on amendments, said Lidia Mikheeva, representing the Public Chamber. The CEC and Rospotrebnadzor have developed recommendations on compliance with sanitary standards during the voting. Citizens are required to keep a distance and measure the temperature at polling stations and use disinfectants.

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